9:45 AM hour

30’s – 40’s
Crosstalk (Sanctuary Building 204)
Contact Person: Amber Moden, ambermoden@hotmail.com
Participants in Crosstalk take turns leading weekly discussions and book studies that are designed to help them grow into and live their faith

Faithwalk • AB233
Faithwalk focuses on building people up through various Bible based studies using multimedia tools and spirited discussion.

Families-N-Faith • SB207
Todd Pendergraft, todd@bafamilydrug.com
Families N Faith uses the Wired Word*, as well as technology such as relevant videos and web links to enhance their study experience.

Trailblazers • AB137
Laryn Moore, jmoore8702@aol.com
Participant-led with thought provoking discussion, the Trailblazers utilize 4-6 week Bible study programs and the Wired Word*.

Explorers • AB139
Ron Sumner, sumnercbrg@aol.com
Dale Howard, daleagt@yahoo.com
The Explorers class engages in lively discussion while participating in both Bible and topical studies.

Seekers • SB205
Betty Law, bettyl@valornet.com
Designed for women, the Seekers class enjoys vigorous discussion and uses the Adult Bible Study series.

Pathfinders • SB203
Zela Henderson, zelajh@gmail.com
Open to both singles and couples, the Pathfinders class utilizes the Wired Word* to help facilitate group discussion.

Servants • SB210
Pat Roberts, pbr125@windstream.net
Created for empty nesters, the Servants class is teacher led with small group discussion, using many different resources. A weekly newsletter is sent via email with thought provoking material to help prepare for meetings.

Wesley-Hartman • SB209
Carol Wagner, Jileewag@cox.net
The Wesley-Hartman class uses the Adult Bible Study series, actively supports The United Methodist Boy’s Ranch, Alms, Meals on Wheels, Cookson Hills School Supply drive and participates in Prayer Week.

Bridgebuilders • SB201
Bill Roberts, brcpa@valornet.com
Utilizing the Adult Bible Study series and engaging in teacher-led discussion, the Bridgebuilders also actively support the VFW as well as individual returning service people.

Crusaders • SB109
Don Helmer, fish59@valornet.com
Led by teachers who rotate on a quarterly basis, the Crusaders class uses the Adult Bible Study series and other bible studies. This class actively supports Restore Hope Ministries.

Mr. & Mrs. • AB141
Darrell Rice, drice@valornet.com
The Mr. & Mrs. class takes a unique approach to Sunday school. They utilize both the in-depth Adult Bible Study series and the Wired Word* while rotating between two teachers.

Crossroads • SB211
Conrad Miller, conlinmiller@cox.net
Sylvia Schoenewe, schoenewe2@aol.com
This class enjoys weekly fellowship time and actively lifts one another up with prayer. The Crossroads class uses the Adult Bible Study series and vigorously engage in teacher-led discussion.

Jesus at the Wheel • SB202
Notchy Miller, notchy@cox.net
Using the Adult Bible Study series, the Jesus at the Wheel class finds meaning behind challenging scriptures, using maps and other resources. In addition, they sponsor a child at the Happy Children’s Home in China.

11:00 AM hour

College Crew • AB233
Adam Heare, adam.heare@yahoo.com
Made up of both active college students and those pursuing other career paths, the College Crew meets weekly for vigorous discussion about what’s happening in the world today as it relates to scripture.

Logos • AB235
Ben Davis, benjamin.davis@bokf.com
Logos is a vibrant mix of people who gather together for in-depth Bible study, utilizing various forms of analysis and thought provoking group discussion.

Catalyst • AB139
Andrea & Dennis Sagely, sagelyfamily4@windstream.net
Designed for those with children living at home, although open to all, the Catalyst class explores questions of faith using an open discussion format.

Contemporary Christians • SB210
With the help of the Wired Word*, Contemporary Christians participate in lively discussion centered around current events. Class participants may choose to be emailed an advance copy of up-coming topics.

Acts 29 • AB137
Marquita Thayer, marquita.thayer@gmail.com
The focus of this class is on discussion of bible passages, relating the Word to our lives, and challenging ourselves to carry out the inspired message to others. The book of Acts has 28 chapters – we are the 29th!